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Sample Projects

Today's successful strategic business initiatives require the entire enterprise to work together – from back-end transaction processing to front-end customer service. They also require integration of business processes across boundaries – inside and outside the enterprise – as well as up-to-the second control of the business. Here's a sampling of some of our projects:

Projects Development Area   Description  
Activity Tracking for a Software Development Company Client/Server Designed a database from Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs) and Entity – Relationship (E-R) diagrams, QA testing and implemented at the client site; technical documentation per ISO standards; also developed master transaction forms and reports.

Developed using Java Servlets, Java Web Server, JavaScript, HTML, DreamWeaver, Oracle 8.0 and Developer 2000 Release 2.0 (Windows 2000/NT/98/95).

Electric Power Grid Network Load and Component Analysis System Client/Server Developed a data reporting and analysis system for grid components, distance between entities, and equipment configuration; performed load analysis.

Tools used included Visual Basic, Oracle, MS Access and Crystal Reports under the Windows 2000/NT/98/95 operating environments.

Broadcasting of Educational Classroom Over the Internet Web Live broadcasting of audio, video, whiteboard, text and PowerPoint slides over the Internet to all subscribers to simulate a real classroom session.

Used Real System SDK, Real Player plug-in, Real Producer, Real Server, Visual C++ and SMIL.

Chemical Trading System Web Designed and built a bidding system for the industrial chemicals market.

On the server, Java was used to implement the business logic and the presentation layer was implemented in JSP. BEA WebLogic Server was used for the delivery mechanism.

Commerce Web Designed and developed forms, reports and search engine enhancements; generated reports and files used for data integration in XML.

Tools used included ASP 3.0, ADO, JavaScript, VB Script, HTML, Java Servlets, JDBC, XML, Java and WML.

Real Time Data Update On Palm VII Device via PDA Real time Live data update on a Palm VII PDA device via Received XML formatted data from a Web server and displayed graphical format data on the Palm screen.

Used XML, PalmOS and the CodeWarrior C/C++ development environment.

Remote Control of a Windows PC From a Unix Machine Over the Network. Networking Sends keyboard, mouse events from Unix workstation to Windows machine and copies Windows display screen to a window on the Unix machine over the network.

Used Visual C/C++, Windows SDK/DDK, Soft-ICE and Robohelp.

Video Image Motion Detection Image Processing Compare image data, detect changes and report any motion found in high-security applications.

Used Visual C++, COM, MFC and Windows SDK.

Device Drivers OS Components Device drivers for display, keyboard, mouse, printers, serial ports, etc.

Used Visual C/C++, Windows SDK/DDK and Soft-ICE.
(Windows 2000/NT/98/95)

Conversion of Software From English to Foreign Languages. Internationalization/
Conversion of both Windows- and Unix-based software from English to German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian (European) and Japanese (Far Eastern) languages.

Used Windows, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX and C/C++ languages on respective platforms.